Our Story

about us

Our scars are a badge of honor

Rock scars is a loving home for all those who have scars or skin conditions. A brand that promotes confidence in women and men. Living with scars from a chronic skin disorder, fire, car crash or any other event that leaves you marked for life can be traumatizing and often leads to low self-esteem. 

embrace Your scars

Our values

The main reason behind creating our own line of products is
because we want our warriors to always find motivation and courage in wearing items that define them without having to explain. Here are some of our products and what inspired them.

Our philosophy

Built on the idea that life is yours for the making, Rock scars accessories include watches, bracelets, and necklaces. Accessories are a day to day need every now and then you need to check the watch, a rock scars watch does not only show how special you are, but reminds you that you are a warrior, a fighter and mostly how courageous you are as a warrior.

Rock Scars

Anything less is

simply unaccep

Our Origins.
And where
we want to go.

Rock scars was founded in 2015 by Valentine Mabaso, who herself has been living with Atopic dermatitis which is a severe form of eczema. “I was so relieved that I felt the decision to post on social media was immensely helpful for me. So, I thought maybe starting an online platform that helps people share their stories and experiences about their scars might help them the way it has helped me,”.

We make it our business to bring you heirloom-quality pieces at a non-scary price